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Open Radio Platform Worskhop

Open radio platforms for 5G research and beyond

The digital transformation of our society won’t be possible without the support of an appropriate mobile network infrastructure. The evolution of the mobile network infrastructure needed to meet the requirements of 5G (and beyond) poses challenging research problems: higher bandwidths and lower latencies are being increasingly demanded together with the ability to serve a multiplicity and heterogeneity of devices. On top of this, the network infrastructure evolution must take place in an economically and energetically sustainable manner.

Within this context, the existence of platforms and testbeds that can speed up mobile networks innovation and enable the validation and optimization of, e.g., new radio technologies, already in an early phase of the development cycle is of paramount importance. Such platforms and testbeds are already playing a key role in testing and evaluating the performance achieved by new research ideas and developments. Moreover, these platforms are covering a broad set of research questions, some of them focusing on specific low level aspects of wireless communications, and some others on the study of the entire end-to-end mobile network, including in some cases extensions tailored to the need of specific vertical industries (automotive, industry 4.0, eHealth, ect.). In addition, and also very importantly, these platforms and testbeds have to be able to validate the most significant network KPIs under realistic conditions and in a controllable and reproducible manner.

Thus, the main focus of this workshop will be to present the latest developments on existing platforms (both in the hardware and software domains) for 5G research and beyond, with a special focus on open source developments, as the latter facilitate innovation in the mobile networks ecosystem.

Workshop program

  1. Presentation on embedded SoC radio platform from imec – Ghent University (Dr. Xianjun Jiao)
  2. Presentation on GNU Radio from Trinity College Dublin (Mr. Bastian Bloessl)
  3. Presentation on RFNoC from Rutgers University (Prof. Ivan Seskar)
  4. Presentation on GPU and FPGA assisted reconfigurable radio from Northeastern University (Prof. Miriam Leeser)
  5. Presentation on Open Air Interface from Eurecom (Prof. Raymond Knopp)
  6. Presentation from CTTC (Nikolaos Bartzoudis, Miquel Payaró )


Camera-ready deadline

19 August 2018

Conference dates

18-19 September



Papers should be submitted through EAI ‘Confy‘ system, and have to comply with the Springer format (see Author’s kit section).

How do I submit a paper in Confy?

  1. Go to Confy website
  2. Login or sign up as new user
  3. Scroll the list of conferences open for submission
  4. Select CROWNCOM 2018 and navigate to the OCRA Workshop track
  5. Click the ‘submit a paper’ link and follow the instructions

Submission guidelines

Papers should be in English. Regular papers should be up to 10 pages in length. Previously published work may not be submitted, nor may the work be concurrently submitted to any other conference or journal. Such papers will be rejected without review. The paper submissions must follow the SPRINGER formatting guidelines (see Author’s kit section). Read the Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement.

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